Additional FREE-JET Advantages


• Multiple fuel firing capability
• Can meet same or lower emissions with less or no FGR compared to other burner manufacturers
• Pre-cast, pre-cured burner throat – no front wall refractory pouring
• Flexible burner design for single/multi-burner applications
• Center-fired gas gun may be used for low-load / hot standby – no need for dedicated Class I pilot or lower drum heater
• Exceptional turndown capability on both gaseous and
oil fuels
• Typical start up and commissioning time of less than
two weeks
• Enhanced stability at low loads and during

The ZEECO® FREE-JET Burner has delivered ultra-low NOx performance for more than two decades, utilizing advanced fuel staging techniques and patented technology to reduce emissions. The FREE-JET uses a center-fired gas burner with an air swirler to provide a stable core flame while our gas ring directs fuel around the periphery of the burner throat. The FREE-JET design incorporates enhanced fuel staging and aspirates flue gas internal to the furnace, resulting in superior ultralow NOx performance. The FREE-JET design reduces and in many cases eliminates – the need for Flue Gas  Recirculation (FGR).

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